Are Online Slots Rigged for You to Fail?

There are two common misconceptions about online gambling or just gaming in general. One, that it is all down to luck and two, that all the games are rigged. Well, luck is a totally different topic, so let us answer the question; are online slots rigged? The answer is no, and here’s why they are not rigged.

The Code of Practice for Online Casinos

An online casino is not some platform that springs up overnight onto the Internet and starts stealing people’s money. The process of forming a casino can take years, from design to registration, a lot goes on. The task of getting a license can be painstaking. There are only a few licensing bodies in the world which govern online casinos. They are each notoriously difficult in impressing and meeting the standards of. Casinos have to abide by a code of conduct and have very specific services in place and meet all security demands to be considered for a license.

For players in South Africa, the search for such sites that have met the terms and conditions of the online gambling regulators can find them listed in the top 10 list on this website. This is the first stage of having a casino and its games that are approved by the governing bodies that control the functions of the casino on a whole.

How Online Slots Are Made

The best online slots are made just the same way as the worst. There is no escaping the programming function to how online casino slots work. The only thing that separates the quality of a good slot from one which sucks in the effort of design and gaming excitement. Underneath both, the same systems are at work.

The online slot is programmed with algorithms that tell the machine when it should and shouldn’t payout. The common one used is called the RTP%. This percentage factor indicates clearly in the game details the percentage of money needed to be played in order for the game to payout. This is fair because it doesn’t discriminate against players, if players are putting in thousands to win a jackpot, their chances are just the same as those that are only able to play with smaller wagers.

The other algorithm is the RNG, this processes the likelihood of winning bases on a purely random sequence. This is mainly used on virtual table games and a smaller percentage of online slot machines. Again, nothing is rigged, the program is only telling the machine that there are rules when to payout, one, when enough money has been input and two, when the right random sequence has been matched.

Getting Certified Fair Games

There are independent gaming bodies that checks the legitimacy of the game’s fairness. The most common one is eCOGRA, who are a UK-based regulatory body that check the safety aspects of the casino and the fairness of the games. As mentioned before, the link above will provide you with licensed casinos, but it will also give you those which are approved by the eCOGRA body so that you do have access to fair and honest slot machines that will payout real money in ZAR currency.

It is easy to assume that games are rigged because the casino is a business and like with any business, they are there to make money first and foremost, but second, they are there to provide a legitimate service which bows to the needs of the players and to the standard which is required upon them by law.

Last modified: 18 June 2020